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Wood Columns

We produce Wood Columns to meet your singular purposes and needs. We intently control the quality and accuracy of every one of our sections’ entasis, projections, and profiles.


Our Wood Columns can be utilized only for improving purposes or for their underlying burden bearing capacities. These beautiful wood sections are consistent with the orders most unmistakable draftsmen and developers are searching for.

Key Notes


Wood columns include the following:

  • Cap & base
  • Shaft

Wood columns could take from a couple days to a week. Customized wood columns could take between 1-2 weeks.

While we do not have our own install crews, we supply detailed installation guides for our products.  If this is something you require, please reach out for more information!

It depends on the height of your column you are looking to purchase. Caps & bases are attached to the ends of the column shaft.

Can I purchase the cap or base separately?

Our columns are manufactured from clear finger-point pine and are not painted.