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Wood Porch Posts

Wood porch posts get an exemplary makeover. Our elegantly crafted Porch Posts can be utilized for weight bearing applications, such as supporting a porch rooftop and are turned in-house. Wood posts should be installed with aluminum bases to prevent moisture damage and to comply with the warranty. We carry the following styles: Classic, Victorian, and Prestige.

Key Notes


In stock porch posts could be between a couple days to a week. No stock or customized could be between 1-3 weeks.

Aluminum bases are attached to the end of the post. It is required on all exterior applications.

Our porch posts are not primed or painted. Before installation, prime and paint 2 coats on all surfaces, including ends, with exterior 100% Acrylic Paint – Semi Gloss Finish, No stains or clear finishes are acceptable.

Our porch posts are manufactured from clear finger-point pine and are not painted.